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Core Library

Miscellaneous notes on development and testing the core library.


When doing local development work, use poetry to manage dependencies and maturin to create a build of the combined python/rust project:

make install-deps

This effectively expands to:

poetry install
poetry run maturin develop --release

You can also run maturin just with poetry run maturin develop, which will be much faster to compile, but rust execution will be notably slower.

You'll also need a system-wide installation of esbuild. If you don't have one when you run the build pipline it will install one for you within ~/.cache/mountaineer/esbuild.

Development Utilities

  1. Python Testing

    $ make test

    During testing we also support providing additional test-args that are passed to pytest. This helps you narrow down the scope of tests, add more verbosity, etc.:

    $ make test test-args="-k test_extracts_iterable"
  2. Python Linting

    $ make lint
  3. Rust Benchmarking

    $ cargo bench
  4. Diagnose errors in CI

    At the moment, our main CI testing flows run on Linux/x86-64 architectures. We've observed some behavior there that isn't reproducable locally. To test locally on OS X you'll need build a representative docker image and then test within it:

    $ docker build -t mountaineer .
    $ docker run -it mountaineer
    $ make install-deps
    $ make test-integrations