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Mountaineer 🏔️ is a framework to easily build webapps in Python and React. If you've used either of these languages before for development, we think you'll be right at home.

Main Features

Each framework has its own unique features and tradeoffs. Mountaineer focuses on developer productivity above all else, with production speed a close second.

  • 📝 Typehints up and down the stack: frontend, backend, and database
  • 🎙️ Trivially easy client<->server communication, data binding, and function calling
  • 🌎 Optimized server rendering for better accessibility and SEO
  • 🏹 Static analysis of web pages for strong validation: link validity, data access, etc.
  • 🤩 Skip the API or Node.js server just to serve frontend clients

Getting Started

Head on to the Quickstart for a full guide on setting up and implementing a new Mountaineer webapp. Our "Learn" section has a few more guides on how to use Mountaineer to its fullest. Then our "API" section has the full docs on all the features and functions available to you.